Solito Reyes II

700 1st Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(646) 403-7500

Welcome to My Site

Welcome to my home page. My name is Solito, and I hope you like this site. I really enjoyed this assignment, it refreshed a lot of what I already knew about HTML and CSS, and pushed me to start understanding in depth how Javascript works.

Upgrading My Skills

I'm hoping to get enrolled in General Assembly's Web Development Immersive course and learn all the latest nuts and bolts of web development. I'm really eager to learn and excited at the all the future possibilities once I finish the course.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Choosing General Assembly

I'm very familiar with the school and the neighborhood having either worked or lived in Union Square and the Flatiron districts for over 15 years. I've walked by the school on numerous occasions and seen so many ads on the Internet. And in my last tech job as CTO, I've actually interviewed and hired some General Aseembly graduates.

So when the time came to choose a tech school, General Assembly was the first one I checked out in depth. Everyone I know, who completed a course here, enjoyed the programs and felt that it was worth it.

Fun Assignment

I hope you like my site. I've tried my best to incorporate some solid CSS and rudimentary JS image tricks in my photography page.

So check out my JS light box on my photography page.